Frequently Asked Questions

What is T Technologies Online Payment?
T Technologies Online Payment is an easy to use method for making payment towards T Technologies using the Credit Card. Easy To Use Interface for performing transactions towards paying to T Technologies.
How Can Credit Card User use T Technologies Online Payment?
An easy to use interface on T Technologies website for paying the Amount desired by Client towards T Technologies.
Will my card details be used by T Technologies?
No, Your Card number or any other information of Client is not stored by T Technologies. Only the Track Id which is provided by T Technologies is used for tracking the Details of the payment associated with the track id. Mobile number and email id of the Credit Card User will be used by T Technologies in case of payment discrepancy for alerting the Client and avoid any fraud transaction.
What is the process of making payment towards T Technologies?
Any User can go to T Technologies website and needs to fill in the Mobile number, Email Id, Amount, Select Service and Currency in which Client wants to pay. Once filled up the form the details are forwarded to Payment Gateway for further processing of the transaction. Once the payment transaction details are read by the Payment Gateway and depending on the status of the transaction T Technologies will approve the transaction status.
What is the Charge that a Credit Card user will be incurring when paying to T Technologies?
The payment done by Credit Card will be inclusive of payment gateway charges and other taxes if any incurred for the transaction that is performed. Below are the details of the same. Credit Card User pays 100 (EURO) to T Technologies so, the bifurcation would be 100 (EURO) from CC of User = Payment Gateway Charges (1.8) + Payment towards T Technologies (98.2). Credit Card User need not pay anything extra to T Technologies or Payment Gateway for the transaction apart from mentioned Charges.
How many Currencies are supported by T Technologies Online Payment?
T Technologies provides Client to use their in any of the Currencies mentioned aside (EUR, GBP, INR, AED, and USD).
Why the Credit Card User's mobile number and Email Ids are required when making Payment towards T Technologies?
As a security policy T Technologies does not allow any Credit Card User to make fraud payment. Mobile Number is required in case if there is some discrepancy with payment then T Technologies can call the Credit Card User for solving the same. Email Id is required in case if the Credit Card User is not reachable by Phone then Email is next thing T Technologies can co-ordinate with Client for solving the issue.