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T Technologies is a place where we have professional approach and state of art techniques which help global clients in making eye catching custom website designs in order to increase website’s converse rate. Our website design services are planned to deliver end to end services at really affordable rates. A successful website starts with understanding your business objectives as well as understanding your target audience and sales strategy. Most website designers either forget to address or completely ignore this crucial development phase, because they are focused only on the creative aspect of the site. Our mission is to work closely with our customers to create results-oriented, profitable websites that include strategic placement of strong calls-to-action, a clear message, a professional design, and carefully-planned site architecture..

Website Development in Mumbai

T Technologies, a web development company based in Mumbai, India, has been creating high quality software solutions. We have a team of skilled professionals who are committed to excellence and pays attention to your specific requirements. They are proficient in different web programming languages and can provide cutting-edge solutions that will help you to race ahead of your competitors. Among leading Web Development companies in India, we are ready to develop attractive, fast-loading, search engine optimized sites with easy and user-friendly direction. Our team of expert web developers delivers creativity bundled with technical expertise to give that important zing, presence and impact to your website. When you work with us to make the web work for you, we first develop a web development strategy. Till the time project gets complete, we work in acknowledgment with you, step by step to implement unique web strategy to your fullest satisfaction. Our skillful web developers work with you to determine the focus, purpose and style for your site.

T Technologies India is offering customized and template based web design services to the world wide clientele. The demand for Flash based web site is increasing day by day. For professional yet affordable service you need an authentic company to design your corporate or personal web site.

Why should you choose T Technologies?

Experience Counts: T Technologies counts with an extensive team of highly capable web designers, graphic Designers, web developers and programmers. Being a custom-creative website company puts us in the beneficial position of dealing with hundreds of customers with different personal tastes, goals, and visions for their sites. This small detail alone allows us insights on a variety of industries, on what you might expect to accomplish and what can we do to help you get there.

Personable personnel: Speed and efficiency are not only important today, they are essential in today' world. So is being able to communicate with someone, whether it is if you have a question or just remembered an important detail. After one of our creative management team gets in touch with you, your website quote will be ready within 1 hour. Throughout all the phases of development of your site you'll be assigned your own personal, professional website designer. He/she will be available to you 24 hours a day, via email or via their direct cell phone.

Attractive Websites: Cheap websites are everywhere- they come and go, and if you've ever dealt with them, you know how confusing, frustrating and intimidating it can be. When a potential client visits your site, you have from 3 to 10 seconds to grab their attention, before they go back and start looking for someone new. To succeed in an evolving, dynamic web marketplace, you need a truly dynamic, captivating design to draw your clients in and keep them in! This is where we come in. Our team of professional designers will give you a website that is both easy to use and visually enticing, while making sure you won't break the bank. We are affordable.

Customised websites: Many cheap web design companies claim they build you a customized site, but all they are doing is modifying their template to fit your request. This makes for a lot of useless code that will slow down you site and have no real benefit for you. T Technologies builds each website according to your needs, making it unique to you, giving you the style, simplicity and functionality that you need to gain the competitive edge.

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Responsive Website in Mumbai

With unprecedented growth of smartphones and tablets in last few years has completely change the way Web Information is accessed today. More than half internet users are from Mobile or other handheld devices. These facts make it imperative for all Web Applications, websites, e-commerce portals, blogs, forums or social media sites to be compatible on all devices, so you do not lose valuable leads and customers coming from handheld devices.

In the post-PC world, responsive ecommerce layouts is a must. Sites with responsive development provide an excellent experience on any screen: mobile, tablet, desktop, and even television. Responsive web design is a way of making a single website that works effectively on both desktop browsers and the myriad of mobile devices on the market. Responsive architecture gives the best quality browsing experience - whether on a smartphone, tablet, netbook or e-reader, and regardless of the operating system. Responsive Website Development is an excellent solution for developing all devices’ friendly Web Applications and Websites. At T Technologies, we have been the front runner with our excellent experience in Responsive Web Development and mobile friendly websites using industry standard frameworks and coding standards. Our front-end developers stay immersed in the latest technologies, letting them execute designs and match actual design pixel by pixel. We build clean, usable and responsive applications and websites that are responsive and content focused. We are Specialized in Responsive Real Estate layout, Responsive E-Commerce Layout, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and making Responsive E-Commerce Portals. Responsive design is a forward-thinking technology, so we develop sites that will work on next year’s devices as well. Our responsive websites changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on.

Advantages of Responsive Design

  • If your website is not accessible to this sizable chunk of customers or potential customers, then your business has a lot to lose and your competitors have a lot to gain. Don’t let that happen to your business.
  • Increasing your reach to wider audience using tablet and mobile audiences.
  • Increase sales and conversion rates.
  • Consolidate your analytics and reporting, since you manage one single site and not multiple site or mobile native apps.
  • Increase your visibility in search engines.
  • Save time and cost on mobile development because responsive works on all devices, seamlessly.
  • Save time and cost on site management.
  • Consistent User Experience.

At T Technologies, we understand that responsive design strikes a delicate balance between adapting one design across different devices and platforms and maintaining a single consistent experience. We combine our years of experience and knowledge in both web and mobile platforms to create a solution that is relevant and effective for your online business and information gateways. Our developers follow flexible and fluid grid system which adapts to its environment, so the same design and code shrink or expands into any browser without sacrificing looks or performance. We focus carefully on product goals, ease of use and clear content hierarchy so that different versions of the website integrate seamlessly.

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E-Commerce Website Designing Company Mumbai

E-commerce has a much better reach and is the one of the best and low cost mediums to reach out to new markets, varied customer base and niche segments. If implemented successfully, e-commerce can provide exponential growth to your business and multiply sales and revenues for your organization. T Technologies, a professional Ecommerce Web Development Company carefully understands your products, your customers and your business processes and then brings a comprehensive e-commerce solution customized to your business requirements.

We have successfully implemented online stores in different industries for our global clients. Our strength lies in integrating an attractive design that is beneficial to your brand backed with the latest technology development platform to extend your business on the web. We have a dedicated team of professionals working on shopping sites layout and so our project team understands shopping cart pages with payment gateway integration. For expanding your brands and company through internet, E-commerce shopping cart system is a fast moving field but with our help it can become much easier. Let our professional services for online business development in India handle your project and we will create your shopping link in such a way that your customers go through a comfortable buying process. Our Ecommerce software solutions provide you with dynamic functionalities, enabling quick, easy and smooth transactions combined with a safe, convenient & secure shopping experience for your clientele. As an Ecommerce Web Development Company we have developed a customized and online ecommerce platform that includes a database driven shopping cart system with multi and unlimited level of products that can be managed through effective online catalogues.

Our advance on-line stock and inventory management system will allow you to have real time information about various categories of products at any given point of time. We make shipping module and gateway integration very easy and most dependable.

E-commerce Features

  • Product Categories & Multi-Level sub categories.
  • Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews.
  • Advanced Product Search facility.
  • Reviews on Products & their ratings.
  • Products on Sale.
  • User Account creation.
  • User Account maintenance.
  • Shopping cart status.
  • Address book for multiple shipping and billing address.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Easy site navigation .
  • Statistics for products and customers .
  • Contact customers directly via email or newsletters.
  • Manage Orders.
  • Multicurrency support.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Support for static and dynamic banners with full statistics.
  • SMS gateway integration.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • MIS reporting for Sales, Stock.
  • Vedor module for multiple vendors.
  • Multiple search option

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CMS Website Mumbai

Whether you are looking for a large e-commerce website or a bespoke brochure website, our award-winning website development team have created advanced content management systems to suit all needs. Our content management systems allow you to easily update your website without the need for any technical knowledge, from any computer with internet access and without installing any software. You can update page content, change or upload new images, add interactive content such as video and upload documents for your visitors and choose bespoke calls to action to drop in to individual pages. For our e-commerce web development clients, we build and develop shop management systems to take your business forward. This gives you the ability to keep other core content management and shop administration functions.

Whilst our own core content management systems and web management sysytem will suit many of our clients, we know that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why, as well as using our own powerful content management systems, we are also an open source content management agency and pride ourselves on being experts with many platforms including our open source platform and dynamic content management system of choice. Our development team are able to code your CMS in any language. This allows us to provide robust and flexible systems, future proofing your website and your business. Being fluent in any coding language allows us to work on any content management system or web development project.

Our talented web development team build all our content management systems entirely in house and do not outsource any of the production process. This means any aspect of the content management system can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

Why is it time for you to opt for CMS?

Many companies find it difficult to keep their web site content as up to date as they would like. Often there are delays getting new content online, the site stagnates and your clients get to see outdated information. That’s why so many companies are turning to CMS.  A CMS web presence allows you to manage your web site even if you have no technical knowledge, experience with HTML or web site design. It also reduces the calls to your web design agency or IT department for changes to the web site. CMS reduces the time required to publish, allowing you to get your content on-line faster. This is a very important issue for any professional web site.

Why use T Technologies to develop your CMS website?

You have read some really amazing things about CMS on this page. Having a web site that you can manage yourself is the perfect solution for most companies. However, you need a professional company to design and develop your site. T Technologies are professional developers. Our sites are featured in many online design portfolios. Our sites don't only look good - we market them so that they perform well and bring you traffic and business. In the field of web design you really do get what you pay for. Let's face it - it doesn't matter how little you paid for your website or how attractive it is. If it can't rapidly be found in the search engines then it is losing money for you every single day. Now that is a very expensive website! Once T Technologies has developed your CMS site, it belongs to you. There are no monthly fees - no license fees - no maintenance fees - you are not tied to us in any way. You login to your own website to control your own content. You have complete independence and total control! If you require any support, then of course we are there for you.

Customized Website Designing in Mumbai

Customized Website You will get a Customized User Friendly Front End to show the property listings.

Multi Device Friendly Your CMS would be mobile and tab friendly which will boost up your customer acquisation.

Search Engine Friendly Your website would be SEO friendly to increase your website ranking on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Social Media integration Your Website can be integrated to Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus to maximize your social media presence.

List Your Property Your Customers can list their Properties on the own by just Logging /Registering into your website.

Featured Property Listing Your Properties can be tagged as Featured Property to gain more attention. These Featured Properties will also be available in a separate menu.

List Your Property Your Customers can list their Properties on the own by just Logging /Registering into your website.

Featured Property Listing Your Properties can be tagged as Featured Property to gain more attention. These Featured Properties will also be available in a separate menu.

Property wise Youtube Video uploading You can upload videos related to your Property for better detailing to gain good response.

Enquiry Management All the enquiries made by users will be automatically notified to the Admin and the respective Agents via the Dashboard. The Agent and Admin can reply directly to the enquiries from the CMS.

Enquiry Form Every Property is associated with an Enquiry Form using which the user can make enquiries related to the Specific Property.

Enquiry Management All the enquiries made by users will be automatically notified to the Admin and the respective Agents via the Dashboard. The Agent and Admin can reply directly to the enquiries from the CMS.

EMI Calculator Live EMI Calculator to calculate the EMI amount, Interest Amount and Total Amount for Specified Period.

Pre Leased Property Calculator Use Pre Leased Property Calculator to calculate Return on Investment for Pre Leased Property.

Email Notification on uploading any Property Default Email Notifications will be sent to Admin and Agent/User on uploading any Property.

Property Approval by Admin All Properties uploaded will be available on website on approval by Admin to avoid misuse.

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Benefits of Web Development

  • Less Expensive:

    Have you ever advertised your business through various forms such as printed media, radio, television or by other means? It’s expensive! Investing in advertising is necessary, but it takes a lot of money. Having a website will make promoting your company less expensive. Many versions of offline advertising available on the internet are sometimes free.

  • Advertising:

    website is more environmental friendly when it comes to advertising and marketing. There are lots of ways to advertise your products or services through the internet. One example is Facebook ads, an advertising feature offered through Facebook. Another one is called SEO. This is a major advantage for your business. Having good SEO service provider can boost the ranking of your website which quickly results in increased sales and higher profits.

  • Satisfaction:

    Having a website will be more convenient for your customers and leads. Make it easy for your customers to purchase from you! Many will be more likely to visit your website, rather than driving a car to your physical location and browsing for your products. From a customer’s point of view, it’s better for them if they don’t have to ask anything. They can just find what they’re looking for on your online site.

  • Increase Customers:

    Most business have local popularity, but what about potential customers outside their city? A website can help you generate more customers. Not just outside your city, but worldwide. The internet offers a global community. With a website, your business will be visible around the world.

About T Technologies

T Technologies is a leading company in the field of IT and Digital Marketing. We are in a team of individual with diverse skills. Our strength is the capacity to learn and innovativeness.

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