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"Mumbai is T Technologies's birthplace & our tagline is "Digital"

We are a full fledged, results-driven Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, delivering high quality results. We help you to achieve your online goals by creating colossal digital strategies that will for sure improve your digital marketing returns. Whatever your business need be, we can carve out a bespoke digital marketing services in Mumbai to optimise your digital performance.

While digital marketing has been a continuous evolving sector, we are proud to say that this is one of the things we do best. We are an acclaimed Google certified internet marketing company in Mumbai (Maharashtra) India delivering a full range of digital services to clients across Ecommerce, Finance, Hotel, Travel and Retail verticals.

Since our humble inception in 2008, we have always strives to provide integrated internet marketing services of the highest quality in Mumbai (India). Our proven techniques and visible results make Ttechnologies as one of the top digital marketing companies in Mumbai. We strive to provide inexpensive & low price, some would say cheap & affordable digital marketing services in Mumbai to all our clients. All our digital marketing campaigns are of international standards but due to lower overheads we are able to offer our services at a much more low price than others. Needless to say that if you're looking for a cheap rate/low cost digital marketing company in Mumbai, then you've already landed at the right place.

Our Mission? To help local businesses stand out from the crowd & increase brand interaction. We achieve this by working closely with clients to turn our insights and strategy into marketing solutions that are impactful as well as practical.

"Our comprehensive digital media marketing strategies goes far beyond than just managing Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts"

Our digital marketing / internet marketing services includes:

Digital Marketing Firm in Mumbai

Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai (India) - Social media marketing today has become a vast arena which continues to expand rapidly. Your business needs to formulate its digital marketing strategy carefully before jumping onto the next big trend that becomes hot. In today's digital marketing, data points are easy to come by but understanding which ones to pay attention to, is what really matters. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many emerging ones have become an integral part of our social existence.

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Internet Marketing in Mumbai

“Reach new audiences, market and increase conversions through Social Media.”

Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai (India) - We create targeted social advertising campaigns that return maximum ROI and get our clients in front of the audiences that they need. Some of our clients want us to manage all their social media accounts, while others just want a little extra help every now and then.

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Search Engine Optimization in Mumbai

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing function for sure, but it needs to be baked into a product, not slapped on like icing after the cake is baked.”

SEO Agency in Mumbai (India) - With almost a decade of Search Engine Optimization under our belt, we have developed a diversified approach to improve organic rankings. The ultimate goal of our SEO campaigns is to organically increase positions, which in turn would result in higher traffic, more visibility and higher conversions.

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Online Reputation Management in Mumbai

“Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”

Online Reputation Management Company in Mumbai (India) - As experts in online reputation management, we are constantly in check about what the web is saying about you or your brand and which platforms will be the most effective for your message. We can develop campaigns to share your news, performance updates, and morale boosting stories to fine-tune your reputation using well-crafted & engaging content.

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our process

Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Our Features


We have a dedicated team with a creative thoughts who always think how do we promote a particular product or a brand. Even if we are not in office hours still we figure out what is the next aim. We always come up with brilliant creative ideas to attract more customers to the make brand popular.


Just let us know what is your requirement and we will instantly come up with the creative strategies for our you. Let it be anything to reach target audiences we know how to attract, engage and communicate with them on the Social Media..


A campaign or digital strategy with superb design and an interactive experience that simply works is the power of creative communication. We are a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and passion; We turn great ideas into reality. Our team deliver design and digital outcomes while remaining focused on your objectives, brand and strategy.

Online Marketing in Mumbai

4 W's of Digital Marketing

  • WHAT ?

    Digital marketing is embodied by an extensive selection of person, service, product and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium. Digital marketing is considered more targeted, measurable and interactive. One should not miss this mode of communication from his marketing strategy.

  • WHO ?

    If you're running an online campaign and you don't know specifically who you want to talk to, where they are on the Internet, and what's most important to them, then you're already way behind. We know where your target audiences are, We know how to connect with them.

  • WHY ?

    Digital marketing is infinitely more affordable than traditional offline marketing methods. An email or social media campaign, for example, can transmit a marketing message to consumers for the merest fraction of the cost of a TV ad or print campaign, and potentially reach a wider audience.

  • WHERE ?

    Where will you find your prospects and customers? India is now world’s third largest Internet user after U.S., China. If your potential customer is online. So we can connect, engage and communicate with them online with different platforms..

About T Technologies

T Technologies is a leading agency in the field of IT, Web Design, Website Promotion and Digital Marketing (SEO/Social Media/PPC/Link Building). We are a team of individuals with diverse skills. Our strength is our innovative approach towards our work.

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